Product Overview

 This band of gifted professionals work diligently to meet society’s demands. However, they also have an adventurous appetite to create designs that go beyond conventional formulas. Nowadays, we more often see the fruits of an engineer’s labor being used as equipment and pieces of machinery designed exclusively for a single project, which give these parts that distinctive touch that helps sets them apart from more common components. Liberty understands the relevance and impact if something goes wrong with any of these critical items and what it would mean for an investor. Thus, Liberty not only offers solutions in terms of coverage, but also contributes decisively in identifying potential risks through its unique 360- degree approach, designed for this type of situation.

Scope of coverage

The “Project Cargo” product is an innovative solution that provides, to a full extent, end-to-end coverage for goods and machineries, which may include delay in start-up (DSU), load and unload coverage.

The main coverage are:

  • Clause A
  • Clause B
  • Clause C
  • Air Clause
  • War Clause
  • Strike Clause
  • Delay in Start-up (DSU), amongst others

What sets us apart

What can you expect working with us?

  • A highly experienced underwriting team with a deep understanding of the region.
  • Creative, flexible and innovative underwriting risk programs
  • Simple and clear answers to any risk analysis inquiries
  • Claims handling by highly experienced claims specialists
  • The financial stability and strength of Liberty Mutual Insurance

Key Contacts