Product Overview

These are the attributes of the new-generation vessels that come from shipyards around the world to do what they do best: transporting goods and people – while also playing an important role in the economic development of countries. Whether it is a container vessel, a cruise ship or tugboat, each vessel has its own characteristics and risks. Liberty’s expert engineers and risk underwriters undertake this unique challenge. They consistently search for the latest information on emerging shipbuilding trends and developments in the marine insurance industry to ensure our proposals and solutions are in line with each client’s needs.

Scope of coverage

Marine Hull insurance provides protection for hull, machinery and third-party liability for damages or losses during transit, operation, or while ships are docked at any port. Each vessel and its corresponding activity have their own risks. For this reason, Liberty has designed products tailored for each type.

Coverage includes:

  • Hull and machinery
  • War and strikes
  • Protection and indemnity (P&I)

What sets us apart

We get it when no one else can.

We provide protection and solutions for a wide variety of vessels and activities. We focus on the following:

  • Research vessels
  • Work vessels
  • Tugboats
  • Fishing vessels
  • Offshore supply vessels
  • Coastal shipping (Cabotage)
  • Barges

Key Contacts