Product Overview

Besides being a painful and abominable act for all involved, the economic consequences of terrorism are enormous. They are not only measured by material and tangible losses, but also by the uncertainty in the community after each event. That can result in the slow down and paralysis of a once prosperous and stable economy.

The damages from terrorist attacks are so large that they can be comparable to natural disasters. Predicting where the next terrorist attack will take place falls under the capabilities of any assessment and risk mitigation model. It is a challenge that the community and businesses constantly face these days.

Scope of coverage

The Sabotage and Terrorism product covers the insured against the losses or physical damage caused to assets by terrorism acts that occur during the policy term – whenever this damage is not caused by any of the risks specifically excluded under the coverage.

 The main coverage are:

  • Sabotage and terrorism
  • Riots, strikes and civil commotions
  • Malicious acts
  • Insurrection/Rebellion/Revolution/Coup d’êtat
  • Land war/civil war
  • Terroristic rioting
  • Business interruption and extra expenses.
  • Nuclear and/or biological war

What sets us apart

A US$100 million limit per risk combined with our underwriters’ flexibility and autonomy, allow us to respond quickly. Our ability to react quickly and thoroughly are values that show our commitment towards our clients. In addition, we offer a product:

  • Tailored to the insured’s specific needs
  • We provide solutions for both large and medium-sized corporations as distribution and service companies
  • Quick quotes, without long questionnaires or questions you cannot answer