Product Overview

Each project and the goods to be installed are different. Be it manufacturing plants, public utilities, industrial complexes, or large-scale works, to name a few, they all require a specialized approach. The right solution is the Erection All Risks coverage and Liberty Specialty Markets Latin America has it ready for you to implement.

Scope of coverage

The purpose of the Erection All Risk product is to protect the insured against an economic loss resulting from an accident, sudden and unexpected physical damage affecting the project, civil infrastructure works and goods to be installed during the execution period, including the preliminary phase at the construction site, such as the reception of materials and equipment to be subsequently incorporated into the works, excavations, land leveling, earthworks, temporary buildings, stream course deviations, and in general, any other part of the construction project.

The main coverage are:

  • All erection risk coverage
  • Earthquake, land tremors and volcanic eruptions
  • Natural disasters
  • Maintenance
  • Debris removal

What sets us apart

Liberty’s Differentiating Coverage and Services

  • All risk coverage, including maintenance and tests
  • Advance Loss of Profit (ALOP)
  • Extra expenses and costs for acceleration of work in case of delays
  • Coverage and endorsements tailored to the unique needs of each client