In today’s fast-moving world economy, marine cargo and air transportation are playing a fundamental role in providing reliable shipping and enough capacity to satisfy the never-ending demand for goods and services around the world.


According to data from the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), over 80% of world merchandise trade by volume and more than 70% of its value transit is by sea and from ports around the world.


However, the speed of marine cargo development brings with it several risks that put even the most experienced players in the marine sector to the test. Ships and ports that have increased their size to unimaginable proportions amassing higher cargo values that require high underwriting capacities. On top of common marine cargo risks, terrorism, cyber-attacks and environmental pollution, are risks that also must be tackled by the marine transport industry.


Scope of coverage


Marine Cargo insurance provides protection against physical loss or damage of merchandise and goods during transit, including domestic transportation and temporary storage, if required. Coverage may vary by the type of good transported and based on the expectations of each Insured.

The coverage is extended:


  • Clause A
  • Clause B
  • Clause C
  • Aerial Clause
  • War Clause
  • Strike Clause
  • Refrigeration Clause

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Arturo Posada
Marine, Vice President
+1 (786) 437 8548


Arturo Posada
Marine, Vice President
+1 (786) 437 8548

What sets us apart


Our solution package is created to provide coverage for all types of goods and transportation, multimodal, intermodal, international or domestic. We focus our efforts to offer you a comprehensive plan that includes designing your customized protection program, identification of potential risks, and superior claims handling service. Liberty’s Differentiating Coverage and Services.


  • US$100 million limit, available across the region
  • Open and declarative policies
  • Endorsements tailored to the unique needs of each client
  • Highly experienced loss adjuster, loading and discharging surveyors/inspectors

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